What We Do

We provide free computer training skills to BAME communities. We teach and inspire young people to become software developers or study STEM subjects. Our programs are geared to get youths to learn computer skills and inspire children to get into computer programming at an early age.

Target Community

The target cities are Milton Keynes, Luton and London. We mainly work with the BAME communities in places where there is high youth unemployment, high school dropout rates, and disadvantaged communities. With the safe online awareness program we work with schools, community centres and youths.


Focused areas of training

We work to change young peoples’ lives for the better by providing them with knowledge and skills that inspires them and increases their confidence in what they do.
We provide the tools and resources that help youths learn computer skills that are in demand by employers.
We teach coding skills to children to inspire them to become future software developers or to learn STEM subjects.
We run online security sessions that create awareness of the dangers associated with online grooming gangs, cyber bullying, extremist manipulation and fraud. The sessions provide the tools and resources to keep youths safe while online. 

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