Who We Are

We are a Non-Profit organisation in Milton Keynes. We are a youth centered organisation working to inspire a new generation of young people to get into computing and the world of IT.
Youth unemployment is an issue that we care deeply about. Helping young people to learn skills that will provide a route to enter the job market is vital for them. 
Our Programs....
Help to reduce high school dropout rates. 
Inspire a new generation of software developers.
Reduce the digital divide.
Help create jobs for youths and the unemployed.
Focus Area of Operation...
We mainly work with young Black, African, Minority and Ethnic (BAME) communities in Milton Keynes, and are now reaching out to communities in Luton and London to roll out new programs.


Web Design

Training young people in web design skills creates a path to employment for youths from disadvantaged communities. Students learn as well image manipulation, video and sound editing. Participants get to learn GitHub and other web authoring tools.

Children Coding

We teach children computer coding skills through interactive games, apps and robot development.  the skills and confidence to be creative, innovative and motivates them to build a career in the IT world.

Safe Youth Online Awareness

Our online awareness sessions provide tools and resources for young people to be aware of grooming gangs, predator, fraudsters, email scams, extremist and right wing organisations.

Project Managers

Our Project Management program provides youths with the skills that are essential for managing projects, enabling them to start their own businesses or to work for companies in a range of sectors.

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