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We are a youth centered organisation working to inspire a new generation of young people to get into computing and the world of IT. It is important to inspire children from 7 to 14 years old and youths to learn coding at an early age as this can become a gateway for them to become software developers in the future.
Youth unemployment is an issue that we care deeply about. Helping young people to learn skills that will provide a route to enter the job market is vital for them. We have a new skills program that teaches youths to become future Project Managers. The program includes participants doing a one-month work experience placement giving them real work experience.
Cyber security, online grooming, harassment, bullying and credit card fraud are some of the many problems youths face online. This has led to girls committing suicide and others closing their social media accounts. Online awareness protects children and youths from predators, helps them feel confident in using the internet and helps them make better and more informed decisions while accessing online content.
Web Design is a fast growing sector which has led to a shortage of web designers and developers. Entry into this sector does not require a 4-year degree course and we aim to fill this gap by teaching web design and development skills to youths, helping them gain employable skills that are in high demand.  

Create Opportunities

They are the communities that were most at risk when Covid-19 struck. Training these communities with employable skills and inspiring their children to become future software developers will reduce school dropout rates, create opportunities for youths to gain employment and play an important role in the awareness of safe online use.


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